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Space Manufacturing Platform

Since the early days of materials processing experiments in micro-gravity, scientists have known about an entire class of “super products” that could be manufactured in space.  However, the costs per kilogram of putting payloads into low earth orbit were too high to build a profitable enterprise making these amazing products. 


Until now.

From Idea

With recent reductions in payload costs to LEO, Flawless Photonics is pioneering the first profitable supply chain in space producing the world’s most transparent optical fibers that will outperform silica fibers by orders of magnitude.  Every industry that uses optical fibers today will enjoy a huge boost in performance including lasers, sensors, medical devices, and data communications.

To Reality

Why stop there?  Flawless Photonics will also produce an exciting array of superior photonic products that will revolutionize many industries that currently rely on silica optical fibers and associated technologies.  

Want to take a ride?  Come join us on our journey to the stars!

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