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Flawless Photonics is pioneering the manufacturing and supply chain of next-generation optical fibers from space known as SpaceFiber.  Backed by issued United States patents to produce fiber in micro-gravity, SpaceFiber will have performance characteristics far superior to the absolute best fibers made on Earth today.  Our technology is optimized for the unique requirements and rigors of space travel and tailored for installation and operation at the International Space Station’s commercial research lab 250 miles above the Earth.

The exciting result is SpaceFiber™ which has better attenuation and spectrum bandwidth than any fiber made terrestrially.  Composed of a special glass called ZBLAN rather than silica, its theoretical capabilities far exceed those of silica glass by many times. 


So what's the catch?  ZBLAN optical fibers can only achieve their ideal theoretical performance if they are produced outside of gravity.  Which of course means, we go up to space!

SpaceFiber™ will revolutionize several industries that currently use optical fibers by enabling entirely new products and applications that simply can't exist because of silica fiber's limits and from gravity's effects on special glass like ZBLAN.  From high power fiber lasers in the mid-infrared spectrum, to exceptionally sensitive sensors at MIR wavelengths, to hyper-low-attenuation fiber optic data connections that extend thousands of kilometers without the need for amplification, the sky literally is no longer the limit!

Contact us today about joining our mission to produce an entirely new generation of optical fiber from space that will fundamentally transform the photonics industry in the 21st century.

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